Classical Guitars: Trinity Guitars Bent Top Model

The Bent Top Guitar was first sketched on a return flight from Europe in 1996. The idea was to bend the lower top section near below the fret board to allow better access to the upper register of the guitar. It has the playablility of a cut away without the compromise of lost internal air volume and the non traditional look of a cut a way. Further attempts to draw the complicated geometry were met with time consuming unfinished works. In 2002 Holler decided to build the first prototype and to work out the construction issues while building the guitar. The result was a very unique and highly playable instrument. The first prototype was shown and sold to Michael Pollack at the 2002 Guitar Foundation of America competition in Miami.

The Bent Top Guitar is patended by Jim Holler under U.S. Patent no. 6894209. For a truly unique instrument and wonderful player experience, try the combination of Player Response & Bent Top.

For an example of the Bent Top Model, see Trinity Guitars #70.

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