Classical Guitars: Trinity Guitars Number 92

Luthier: Jim Holler
The Wedge
US Patent Bent Top: #6894209 B2
Year: 2010
Number: 92
Price: Sold

Top: Euro Spruce 30
Back:Malaysian Blackwood
Sides: Malaysian Blackwood

Binding: Curly Maple
Rosette: Birds eye Maple with Madagascar Rosewood
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood with Birds eye Maple tie block inlay.
Width at nut: 52mm
Neck at 12 th frte : 62MM

Neck: One piece South American Mahogany
Scale: 650mm
Top Finish: French Polish
Sides, Back & Neck Finish: French Polish Overcoat with hand-rubbed lacquer.
Tuning Machines: Graf

The bass bouts of the wedge guitar narrow to a thinner depth than those of a standard classical guitar, providing better ergonomics for the right arm. The Wedge design integrates the patented bent top feature and the player response second sound hole .

To maintain the ideal internal air volume, the treble bouts are wider than normal. In addition to improving shoulder and arm comfort, this design presents the strings and fretboard at a reduced angle, allowing the right hand to maintain a more neutral position.

The Wedge design also creates more string clearance while maintaining conventional string spacing. Fretboard visibility is improved, as is left-hand attack, thanks to a more neutral starting position. By  reducing the physical stresses of lengthy playing sessions, the Wedge should enhance relaxation, reduce discomfort, and allow the player to focus better on his or her playing.


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