History of Trinity Guitars

About Jim Holler:

Jim Holler, owner and founder of Trinity Guitars holds eight patents and has worked for 23 years as an engineer and designer in wood products. He earned an engineering degree in Wood Product Engineering from The School of Forestry in Syracuse, NY and holds eight U.S. patents relating to furniture. Early on in his luthier career, he received a fellowship from the Arts Council for Chautauqua County. Since leaving the furniture industry to concentrate on guitar building, he authored an additional patent #6894209 B2 for his innovative bent top guitar design. His original guitars are rooted in the Germanic Hauser School of guitar building, to which he has added many of his own innovative ideas including the player response and bent top designs. The classical guitar is his love and his specialty.

Additionally, Jim is a member of:

  • Guild of American Luthiers
  • The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans
  • Forest Products Research Society

For more information, check out the article, "Trinity Guitars: A Dream Come True and Growing" about Jim Holler printed in Artifacts.

What's the Word about Trinity Guitars? Read the letters yourself:

Jim Piorkowski, Performer & Classical Guitar Professor, SUNY Fredonia www.fredonia.edu/som/piorkowski
"In every way, this is a world class instrument."

John Gilbert, Maker of Tuning Machines
"I'm proud to have my tuners used by you!"

Pablo Cohen, Performer & Classical Guitar Professor, Ithaca College
"[Jim Holler's] attention to detail and his scientific approach to building his instruments is second to none."

Peyman Givi, Professor, SUNY Buffalo & Board Member of Buffalo Guitar Society
"Your design, "Player Response Model" is such a brilliant idea... I definitely believe [it] puts your guitars one notch ahead of all the others..."

Stanley Yates, Performer
"I really like the guitar you sent me, all in all, this is definitely an instrument to make music on a rare thing."

Dennis Repino, Performer
"Jim is constantly improving his guitars with new innovations, and his current models are powerful, clear and focused, yet still retain a pleasant warmth. His guitars allow the music to come through."

Photo Gallery

The first two Trinity Guitars.

One is a classical and the other is a steel string.

Both guitars are part of my personal collection

Collection of Trinity Guitars at a Christmas house concert December 2000

Jim Piorkowski and Jim Holler holding two guitars built for Jim Piorkowski:

#24 Maple 7 string
#43 Player Response 6 string

Photo by Domenic J. Licita.

The Fredonia Guitar Quartet

From left: Dennis Repino, Jeff Bianchi, Scott Donnelly and Tim Courtney.

Dennis, Jeff and Scott play Holler Trinity Guitars; Tim plays a Vazquez Rubio.

Contact Dennis Repino for more information and bookings at:

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