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"I just wanted to say thanks for selling me this beauty! I was very impressed by the condition of the guitar… very well kept." -Steve

"I have been incredibly happy with my [model] 28 Saez. I have not been too lazy about bragging about it." -Ed

"I received my Larrivee L-03R guitar today and I absolutely love it. Thank you for your help and honesty. This guitar sounds great." -Ted

Trinity Guitars is owned and operated by Jim Holler out of Jamestown, New York. The business started as Jim Holler became a luthier, building classical guitars. Customers commissioned Jim Holler to build them customized classical guitars and in the process, he modified and improved upon the classical guitar design according to the needs of players and performers.

Soon enough, the excellent care Jim gave to guitars and customers allowed the business to grow. Trinity Guitars now offers classical guitars by other Spanish luthiers (Amalio Burguet, Jose Ramirez and Prudencio Saez), steelstring guitars by Martin Guitars , Larrivée Guitars, and National Reso-Phonic, and mandolins by Weber.

Customers constantly refer their friends to Trinity Guitars and return to Trinity themselves for these simple reasons:

  • Jim Holler is a Luthier, and as such selects, tunes and cares for guitars as only a Luthier can.
  • Trinity Guitars places the highest priority on offering excellent customer service.
  • Jim researches and assesses every detail of the instruments he sells, and will always give you honest, straightforward answers to the questions you have.

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